Staff Profile: Quintin Johnson, Facilities Manager

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Quintin Johnson is a professional who’s been called “a gem,” “exactly who you want on your team,” and “a gift to our agency.” He managed the facilities at Mary Ryder Home before expanding his responsibilities to include other Provident properties, including the downtown office and the new Creve Coeur property.

How has your career evolved?

I used to work in the criminal justice system as a parole officer and also did building management for my church. An elder deacon had been taking care of things part-time on the weekends and asked if I would take over. Then a friend opened a retirement home, and I started taking care of that building.

I came to Mary Ryder in 2018 and was in charge of everything from plumbing to electrical systems to safety. I oversee the cleaning staff and building security. I do fire and safety training for staff, monthly checks of the systems, and was in charge of moving the geothermal wells from in-ground to above ground. I want to make sure this building is comfortable enough for the ladies to feel like it is their own home.

How did things change when you came to Provident?

I branched out into other buildings, but I still focus on making sure we’re up-to-date with all our systems. We’re working on new flooring and painting plus putting in new furniture at the Ladue property so it’s all fresh and nice when the counselors come here to work.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I’m kind of a stickler – I like to make sure things are in order. I feel really good when I’ve made sure every maintenance task from elevator maintenance to sprinkler tests are charted, dated, running properly, and ready for inspection. I like it when the state inspectors give us excellent feedback and say things are always in order.

How do you make a difference in the lives of others?

I took care of my mom and dad before they passed on. Some of the ladies at Mary Ryder Home don’t have family members to come visit. They don’t have people who can bring kindness into their lives. I like them to hear a kind word. I’m proud to be a part of that.