Meeting the physical and mental health needs of older adult women since 1930

A safe haven, a comforting place to call home

Mary Elizabeth Ryder’s 90+ year legacy to provide the best possible care for vulnerable women continues as an Intensive Residential Treatment Setting (IRTS).  The Mary Ryder Home serves 16 women with serious mental illness, providing focused therapeutic support. Mary Ryder Home is staffed 24 hours a day and also provides on-site and community-based mental and physical health supports, with an emphasis on rehabilitation to avoid the need for more intensive services. The IRTS model has a therapeutic emphasis on “teaching how” rather than “doing for,” with daily activities and instruction.

Mary Ryder Home is proud to partner with Places for People and the Missouri Department of Mental Health.  Do you think you or a loved one could benefit from Mary Ryder Home?  Please take our eligibility survey:

Please direct questions to Rachel Elmore, Clinical Supervisor.  Rachel may be reached at

Volunteers are welcome!  If you would like to volunteer at Mary Ryder Home, please contact Sharon Elliott at You may be asked to complete a background screen.

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