Feedback is Provident Changing, Saving Lives


Provident recently completed its annual client survey, aimed at gaining insight into the effectiveness of our services.
96.4% of respondents said that they found Provident’s services to be helpful.
Client quotes:
“My therapist helped me grow as a man, father, and person. They help me make a plan for my future to keep me on a path to improvement. They also make me feel like they really care for me as a person. They are like a good friend to me.”
“Provident has given me a new set of facts and helped me rewrite the story of my life since the loss of my son. They are a receptive audience to share this journey with.”
“My son was diagnosed with a life-changing disease and acted out with aggression and talked about suicide. He is 9 years old. His school was treating him differently to the point that he never wanted to go anymore. Provident has helped my child.”