Meet Gabriel Ward, Provident’s New Human Resources Champion

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Please welcome Gabriel Ward, Provident’s new Human Resources Champion. Gabriel is a native of Collinsville and spent several years as a non-commissioned officer and Human Resources Specialist and Recruiter in the United States Army. He then worked in corporate human resources. In one position, he built an HR department from the ground up. We asked Gabriel to share insights on the culture of Provident.

Why did you choose to join the Provident team?

I chose to join the Provident team because I believe in the mission and values of the organization. I wanted to contribute my skills and make a meaningful impact in the work we do.

What are you looking forward to?

I am looking for opportunities to grow professionally, contribute to the team’s success, and make a positive impact on the organization’s goals.

You recently attended a United Way workshop. What is something you learned that you would like to share with Provident’s staff and board?

This workshop underscored the importance of DEI and its role to create an inclusive and equitable workplace where everyone feels valued and respected. This can lead to increased employee engagement, innovation, and better overall organizational performance. I learned some amazing strategies to help implement the promotion of diversity such as establishing inclusive hiring practices to attract a diverse pool of candidates, providing diversity and inclusion training for all employees to raise awareness and foster understanding, and celebrating and recognizing diverse cultures and backgrounds through events and initiatives.