A Navigator is someone who believes in the power of hope

Saving lives for as little as $1.12 a day

Suicide has become an epidemic in Missouri and throughout the U.S., with rates steadily increasing every year for the past decade.

Provident Behavioral Health is home to one of the oldest suicide hotlines in the world. Over our past 60+ years of answering the call, we've learned that  the #1 indicator of suicide is a feeling of hopelessness.

That's why we created the Navigators Giving Club: To support the work of our Crisis Services team as they guide people who are hurting in the direction of life-saving hope.

As a Navigator, you will join a group of individuals who value the critical services our crisis workers provide. Your gift directly supports the staff's education and training, allowing them to answer the call 24 hours a day, every day. It allows them to be much more than a person on the phone; they are the voice of hope.

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