Post-Dispatch Article on New 988 Hotline

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Provident therapist Jai Wilson was featured in an article about the success of the 988 Crisis Hotline
in the January 3 edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Jai supervises the crisis service line.

The article details the history of how the national hotline was developed and funded but also delves
into the impact of its launch in Missouri. The article emphasizes the great need being met by the
988 hotline in our state.

Jai explained Provident’s role to the reporter: “Yes, we have the suicide calls, but we are also
getting the calls from people who are just experiencing mental health crises in general, substance
abuse issues, and also looking for mental health referrals. It really does consolidate everything into
one number.”

Congratulations to Jai for being an expert source and for shining a light on both the need for the
988 hotline and on Provident’s role as one of the major voices on behavioral health in the region.