MRH Choir Members Give Touching Performance

Mary Ryder Home, News

Provident creates a video each year as part of our Gala event that’s intended to show attendees why the work we do is vitally important.

One of the stand-out segments this year was undoubtedly the singing and testimonials given by the women of Mary Ryder Home, who were asked to comment on what living there meant to them:

“MRH is a place for all the seniors. The staff is really caring. I’m warm, safe, dry, fed.”

“It really matters to them how I’m doing.”

“If you have anything going on, they will take you in no matter what.”

“All my needs are met. When I need to talk to someone to talk to there’s always someone there. And the staff really cares.”

“I love Mary Ryder, and they’re full of love. It’s a safe place for me to be.”

Click here to view their video.