Provident’s LCS Team Shares Life-Saving Information on Fox 2


Some people fear depression could be more life-threatening than any virus. People like Tyler Kasch are speaking out about it, talking online about the things most people hide.   Kasch is documenting his depression on a Youtube series called ‘Moving Forward, Not Moving On.’

Provident Therapists Lauren Ochs and Daniel Dwyer were both part of a Fox 2 segment about the struggles that people like Tyler face, and how our team is there to help through the crisis line.

“Sometimes [callers] talk about things that you can’t talk about with your family and friends. It gives you that barrier as the caller knowing that I don’t know this person – they’re not going to go off telling my secrets or anything because this is 100% confidential,” said Ochs.

Dwyer gave advice on how to listen and validate someone who is in crisis.  He said, “A lot of times people’s first knee jerk instinct is to say ‘oh don’t feel that way’ or ‘don’t think about it’ or ‘don’t say that’ – thinking we can just you know shut it down but you know all that does is just puts the lid on the emotional pressure pot.”

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