Generosity that helps everyone

Make the most of your gift by taking advantage of tax benefits

Provident Behavioral Health is pleased to offer Missouri Department of Economic Development YOP tax credits to help a brighter future become a reality for at-risk children and their families.

Your generous contribution will enhance services to these children by:

  • Promoting our social-emotional learning model
  • Supporting evidence-based therapeutic intervention
  • Providing mental health services for youth

Here's how to help:

  • Make a contribution to Provident noting your YOP designation.
  • Complete and return the tax credit for provided by Provident. (We can also provide a Notary Public upon request.)
  • File your tax return and Form MO_TC to receive an additional 50% credit on your Missouri State tax liability.

Eligible contributions can be made in the form of check, stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Minimum contribution for YOP tax credits is $500 and is based on availability.

Click here to download instructions and an application.

For more information contact Julie McDowell at 314-802-2626 or