Making Positive Personal Change

Learning through shared experience

Research has shown that gathering with a group of peers who understand your challenges, can offer new perspectives, can support you during difficult times, and can be an extremely rewarding experience. Regularly talking and listening to others helps our group participants understand that they're  not alone in what they're facing.

Provident provides outpatient group counseling for adults who have committed a domestic violence or sexual offense. These sessions are held at multiple locations within the St. Louis area and are scheduled at a variety of times to meet client needs.

Men Ending Domestic Violence

The message we send to each of our participants in the Men Ending Domestic Violence group is, "Your life doesn't have to stay this way." Provident's counselors work with you and your group to learn about how your thoughts and feelings led to abusive behaviors and techniques for changing your responses to gain a more positive outcome. We show you how to feel better, be better, and do better.

Provident offers 32 week programs for both men and women. Each session is 90 minutes and meets Department of Corrections standards in Missouri and Illinois. 

Click here to download our Domestic Violence Brochure or contact Jennifer Washington via email or phone 314-371-6500 x2657 for more information. You can also call 314-371-6500 (press 4, then 3) for details.