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 For most of us, change is hard. We might find ourselves seeking self improvement, wanting to end an old habit or create a new one, or engaging in therapy because we’d like our current feelings and circumstances to be different. But when we’re faced with following through with the steps involved in change, we avoid, procrastinate or give up altogether. This is common. I’ve been fortunate to be invited to join in the journeys of my clients, and something I’ve noticed is that instead of changing, we sometimes decide that we are more comfortable with the discomfort we are familiar with.

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Larry Marshall, Jr., LPC, has created a children’s storybook entitled, The Pig in Your Head,  to address the concept of delaying immediate gratification.  In the story, the pig symbolizes the pursuit of gluttony and greed with its excessive appetite, sending the message that chasing your wants all the time is not such a happy way to live.  Bill, the young boy and main character, soon realizes that he needs to manage this pig. The hope is that the concept of bossing the pig, who is in need of direction, will appeal to the child’s inner caretaker or parent.  
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A Self-Injury Group for youth is now starting on Wednesday, March 21st (not the 14th as originally planned)  from 7 - 8:30 pm at our West County location, 12755 Olive, Suite 115, Creve Coeur, MO. 63141 This group is FREE to youth under the age of 20 who reside in St. Louis County.  Please contact Nancy Mesey, LPC, at 314.802.2593 if you'd like more information or would like to join.
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